The Membership of the HESL will consist of Life Members only. All ESM’s/ women are eligible to become the life Members of the League. However, widows of ESM will be enrolled as associate members only with out paying any membership fee and are not be eligible to participate in election or hold any office in the League. ESMs/ women dismissed from services on disciplinary grounds are not eligible to be the member of the league. Every member shall be bound by the Memorandum and Article of Association and the Rules and Regulations and Bye Laws of HESL.

List of Members

Cessation Of Membership

The name of the member shall be removed from the register of membership on the following grounds.

a. On resigning in writing.
b. On death of a member.
c. If declared by a resolution of the Executive Committee (Governing Body) of HESL to have acted in a way prejudicial to the Aims & objectives of the League. Such members shall have the right of appeal to the higher Executive Authority i.e. General Body.
d. If declared to be of un-sound mind by a court.
e. If convicted by a court of law.


The membership subscription for the common life membership is as under w.e.f 01 Jun 2009 :-

a. Commissioned Officer Rs 200/-
b. JCOs and equivalent ranks Rs. 100/-
d. Others Ranks Rs. 50/-

Note: The membership is common for IESL and HESL and the membership subscription so collected is shared between IESL, HESL and District Leagues @30%, 30% and 40% respectively.

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