Body of HESL:-

a. All members of Governing Body/Executive Committee.
b. Delegates duly elected from districts, representing respective district league.

General Body of District League:-

a. Members of Executive Committee.
b. Delegates duly elected from each Block of the District.

Governing Body/Executive Committee of Haryana Ex-services League:-

a. President HESL (Elected).
b. Senior Vice President (Elected).
c. Vice Presidents two (Nominated).
d. Hony, Gen Secretary & Joint Secretary (Nominated).
e. Hony Treasurer (Nominated).
f. President of Districts Leagues.

Governing Body/Executive Committee of District League:-

a. District President (Elected).
b. Sr Vice President (Elected).
c. Vice President one (Nominated).
d. Hony Secretary (Nominated).
e. Hony Treasurer (Nominated).
f. Block President of each Block of District.


Annual Meeting of the General Body (AGM) as constituted under Rule 26 is held once in a financial year at such time and place as the Executive Committee or President may decide. A clear notice of minimum 14 days shall be given by the General Secretary to the members of the AGM before meeting date.

Source of Income

The subscription collected through membership fee is shared between IESL, HESL and district League at 30%,30% and 40% respectively. The league may also raise funds for its purpose by any of the following means or in any other lawful manner as the General body may decide :-

a. Subscription and donations from the members and Affiliated organizations.
b. Appeals to the State Government.
c. Appeals to the General Public for contribution and gifts.
d. Sports competitions , exhibitions , dances, fetes and other entertainments permitted by law.
e. Publications and sale of books ,magazines, journals periodicals and news papers.
f. Gifts from donors.
g. From outsourcing activities run by HESL.

Financial Assistance by HESL

a. A grant of 1800/- every six monthly to WW-II veterans and their widows who are non pensioners. This grant is received through IESL from RCEL. Most of these beneficiaries are above 80 years of age.
b. Distress grant to needy ESM/Widows
c. Kanyadhan in the form of Rs 1100/- to the daughter of ESM on the eve of marriage.
d. Financial assistance to veterans ESM and needy widows during annual visit to districts by President HESL.
e. Financial assistance to disabled ESM and their wards and orphan children of ESM.
f. Education scholarship for school going children of Ex-Servicemen.

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