Financial Assistance Awarded by the state government of Haryana on Projection by HESL

  1. World war II Veterans and their widows pension Rs. 1500 per pm.
  2. Non-pensioner ESM and their widows more than 60 yrs of age Rs. 1000 per pm pension.
  3. Blind ESMs Rs. 1000 per pm.
  4. Daughter marriage of War widows, disabled soldiers with more than 50% disability for Rs. 21,00.00 one time.
  5. Daughter’s marriage of ESM Rs. 11,000.00 one time.
  6. Marriage of orphan daughter of ESM Rs. 51,000.00 one time.
  7. For repairing of house of war widows and disabled soldiers of 100% disability- Rs. 20,000.00.
  8. One time relief to ESM handicap Rs. 6000.00 for construction of toilet./li>
  9. Orphan children of ESM Rs. 1000.00.

Financial Grant to Gallantry Awards Winners

Award Lump Sum (Rs.) Annuity (Rs.)
(a)Paramvir Chakra 31,00,000.00 2,50,000.00
(b)Ashok Charka 31,00,000.00 2,50,000.00
(c)Mahavir Charka 21,00,000.00 1,90,000.00
(d)Sarvotam Yudh Seva Medal 1,27,000.00 4600.00
(e)Uttam Yudh Seva Medal 75000.00 4200.00
(f)Yudh Seva Medal 36,000.00 3800.00
(g)Kirti Charka 21,00,000.00 15,00,000.00
(h)Vir Chakra 15,00,000.00 11,00,000.00
(j)Sourya Chakra 15,00,000.00 70,000.00
(k)Sena Medal/Navy Medal/Air Force Medal 7,50,000.00 40,000.00
(l)Commendation Cards 5,50,000.00 20,000.00
(m)War Jagir - 5000.00

Soldiers killed/disabled in action against terrorists/IED Blast :-

Category Killed in Action IED Blast Disabled More than  
more than
20% to 50%
Officer 2.50 lac 2 lac one lac 75,000 50,000
JCO 2.50 lac 2 lac one lac 75,000 50,000
OR 2.50 lac 2 lac one lac 75,000 50,000

Free Bus Concessions. Free bus concessions are given to those ESM who have the disability more than 25% which is attributed to Military Service.

The education stipend being given to the children of ex-servicemen every year based on the parent income proportionately from 100 to 500 pm.

Ex-Servicemen Meet. District wise ex-servicemen meet has been organised as follows to meet ESM, widows and disabled wards of ESM to apprise them of their rights as well as various schemes launched by the Central/State Governments for the welfare of ESM and their families. In this occasion needy ESM widows, disabled ESM and their ward as well as ESM veterans above the age of 85 years are given financial assistance by the President HESL:-

S. No. District Date of Visit
(a) Kaithal 28 Sep 2013
(b) Yamunanagar 04 Oct 2013
(c) Karnal 12 Oct 2013
(d) Hisar 16 Nov 2013
(e) Kurukshetra 28 Nov 2013
(f) Panipat 23 Nov 2013
(g) Faridabad 07 Dec 2013
(h) Sonepat 21 Dec 2013

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